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In Mission with Christ Through Each and All

[9/18/14] From House of Bishops in Taiwan—An early perspective from the Bishop: My thoughts are divided this morning as we wake to Referendum day in Scotland. Bishop Nigel is grateful...MORE

[September 2014]
 Last Wednesday a friend in California called me at 7 in the morning, which would have been 5am his time, to discuss his concerns over the tension heightening on the Ukrainian-Russian border. He wondered what he...

7Des Moines, St. Mark's Church

13 - Bishop’s Teaching time with the Southeast Chapter, Ft. Madison, St. Luke's Church


14 - Ft. Madison, St. Luke's church (Southeast Chapter Regional Confirmations)


28 - Burlington, Christ Church

5 -
Clermont, Church of the Saviour

11-12 Coralville, New Song Church (Three Rivers Chapter Regional Confirmations)

19 Clinton, Christ Church

26 Newton, St. Stephen's Church



Diocesan Events

Aug-SepFall Chapter Meetings - Iowa Mission Chapters meet
Sep 24 Deadline to Certify Lay Delegates to Convention
Sep 24 Deadline to register Clergy and Lay Delegates
           (registrations after this date will be charged a late fee)
Sep 26-27
- Ministry Development Teams Retreat at St. Andrew's Church in Des Moines
Oct 3-4 - Pathways Retreat for the Recovering Community
Oct 9 - "Art of Hosting" Training
offered by MOAB
Oct 18 - Godly Play Training at Cathedral in Des Moines
Oct 23 - Pre-Convention clergy gathering
Oct 24-25 - 162nd Annual Diocesan Convention
Nov 1 - Up and Running with Godly Play at Cathedral in Davenport

 Looking Ahead

Nov 14-15 - Board of Directors Retreat and Annual Meeting
Nov 15 - Diocesan Commissions Day
Dec 8-12 - Young Adults Travel to Swaziland's Conference for young people. SUPPORT THIS TRIP WITH A DONATION

 Youth Events

Aug 30-Sep 1 - Happening, Mason City, St. John's
Oct 24-25 - Diocesan Youth Conference, DSM, St. Paul's

Around the Diocese

 Pathways to Serenity Celebrates 30 years! This 12-step retreat sponsored by the Diocese of Iowa’s Chemical Dependency Committee is usually offered twice a year and will next be held Oct. 3-4 at St. Thomas Moore Center in Panora, IA. The fee for the entire weekend is only 70.00 to the participants. Contact Patti Christensen at 515-223-5083 for more information.

2015 Draft Budget for Discussion The Board of Directors offers the 2015 draft budget for discussion and invites congregations, chapters, and commissions to review and comment.

Guidelines for Church Audits
This annual report is due Sep 1 each year.

Altar Guild Resource The latest edition of A Light in the Sacristy is now available.

News from the Diocese of Brechin The Spring edition of Grapevine, the Magazine of the Diocese of Brechin is now available.

Training Guidelines for Licensed Ministries In 2014 the Commission on Ministry developed training guidelines for licensed ministries for use in congregations.




Help Iowa's
Young Adults Travel to Swaziland




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Iowa Connections is the print publication of the Diocese of Iowa, and is published 5 times per year as a wrap-around of the Episcopal Journal. It is to be distributed to every family in each congregation in Iowa. Contact your church office to be added to their mailing list, or to make changes to your subscription!



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