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Compensation & Benefits

     Small Employer Health Care Tax Credit 
     Tax Guide and Federal Reporting Requirements 
     Diocesan Clergy Compensation Policy 
     Diocesan Minimum Clergy Compensation Schedule
     Standard IRS Mileage Rate 
     Clergy Compensation 
     Church Compensation Report  

     Clergy Pension
     Lay Pension

Health Benefits 
     Open Enrollment
     Health Insurance
     Health Reimbursement Account
     Dental Coverage 
     (Optional) Flexible Spending Account 

Additional Coverages Available 
     Group Term Life Insurance
     Disability Insurance
     Long-Term Care Insurance

Compensation Information

Is your Church eligible for the Small Employer Health Care Tax Credit? 

The Affordable Care Act created a refundable tax credit as an incentive for small employers to provide health insurance coverage to their employees. Last year a number of churches in Iowa qualified for this tax credit. To qualify you must:

• employ 25 or fewer full-time equivalent employees (FTE),
• pay average annual wages of less than $50,000 per employee, and3• pay premiums or contributions for each employee enrolled in the healthcare plan in an amount equal to a uniform percentage (minimum 50%) of the cost of the coverage

For questions or assistance in preparing the forms, contact Diocesan Financial Officer Robert Joy at rjoy@iowaepiscopal.org or 515-277-6165 x206.


2014 Clergy Tax Guide (for 2013 Taxes)


Diocesan Employee Compensation & Benefits Policy 

Click here to view the diocesan policy for compensation and benefits.

 Diocesan Minimum Clergy Compensation Schedule 

A Minimum Clergy Compensation Schedule is established by the Diocese each year. This schedule also includes rates for supply clergy, mileage reimbursement, health and life insurance. 

View/Download 2014 Minimum Salary & Benefit Schedule

Standard IRS Mileage Rate 

For 2014, the standard IRS rate for business mileage will increase to 56¢ per mile.


Clergy Compensation

Compensation includes cash stipend and housing allowance. Benefits include pension, health insurance, group life insurance, vacation, sick leave, continuting education leave, and professional development leave or sabbatical. See Employee Compensation and Benefits Policy for further details.

Church Compensation Report 

From Church Pension Group, this annual report is a national, provincial, and diocesan analysis of clergy compensation. 
View reports from previous years


Pension Benefits 

Pension benefits for all clergy and eligible lay employees are administered by Church Pension Group. For information about pension plans for clergy and lay employees, visit www.cpg.org 

Forms for Clergy Pension:

New Assignment Notice
for clergy to report a new assignment to Church Pension Fund

Report Change in Cleric's Compensation of Duties to Church Pension Fund (this form should be completed every time there is a change in cleric compensation)

New Requirements for Lay Pensions: 

Benefits for Lay Employees who are scheduled to work a minimum of 1,000 hours annually in the Diocese of Iowa shall include Church Pension Fund payments for either the Defined Benefit plan or the Defined Contribution plan. This shall include lay employees that receive compensation for working for congregations, the diocese, or other ecclesiastical organizations or bodies subject to the authority of the Church.

Furthermore, in the case of Defined Contribution plans of domestic schools serving children of any age, the minimum contribution that such schools must make to a defined contribution pension plan for each qualified employee is identified by the following table:

Effective Date Employee 
1/1/2013 0% 0%
1/1/2014 1% 0%
1/1/2015 2% 1%
1/1/2016 3% 2%
1/1/2017 4% 3%
1/1/2018 5% 4%

If a school's contributions to employee pensions are already above the minimum required contribution or match percentage for any year, the school shall not lower the contribution or match in the defined contribution pension program.

Forms for Lay Pension:


Health Benefits

Clergy and lay employees that work 1,000 or more hours per year (~20 hours/week) in the Diocese of Iowa are eligible to participate in diocesan-sponsored health benefits. Employees that work 1,500 or more hours per year (~30 hours/week) must be enrolled in an approved Episcopal Health Plan unless they have coverage from an approved source. Approved sources may include coverage through a spouse or partner's employment, benefits through a government-sponsored program such as Medicaid or TRICARE, or coverage from a previous employer. Domestic partners may be included as dependents under family coverage. Employee Compensation and Benefits Policy 

2014 Open Enrollment for Employee Health Insurance

There is a 30-day open enrollment period for newly hired employees in the Diocese of Iowa. In addition, every fall there is an open enrollment period for all employees to enroll or make changes to their present coverage.

Medical Insurance
The 2014 Health Plan selections through the Episcopal Church Medical Trust decreased an average 4% in premium cost over 2013. We offer a choice of three Medical Trust health plans to eligible employees in the Diocese of Iowa. Summaries of these plans are available by clicking the link below.

Dental Insurance
Beginning  January 1, 2014, Cigna Dental through the Episcopal Church Medical Trust is the provider of dental insurance for the Diocese of Iowa. The Cigna Basic Dental plan will be the approved minimum health plan in for the Diocese of Iowa effective January 1, 2014. An optional Dental & Orthodontia plan is also available for employees that would like to “buy up.” 

Employees who qualify for health coverage but are not currently participating in one of our health or dental plans are eligible to enroll themselves and/or their dependents during 2 Open Enrollment periods:
1) Within 30 days of hire for new employees.
2) During the annual OE period in the fall each year.

Please contact the Diocesan Office for more information.


Health Coverage 

Iowa's health plans are Denominational Health Plans (DHP) through the Episcopal Church Medical Trust. For 2013 and 2014 there are 3 approved health plans available that meet the minimum coverage required for employees in the Diocese of Iowa. 

administered by Empire BlueCross BlueShield  with a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) administered by Kabel Business Services.
administered by Empire BlueCross BlueShield, with a Health Savings Account (HSA) administered by Melon Bank.
administered by UnitedHealthcare.
In addition to medical coverage, all three of these plans include:
Healthcare advocacy and assistance through Health Advocate  

Emergency travel assistance through MEDEX

The annual costs for health insurance in the Diocese of Iowa for 2013 and 2014 are listed below. The rates for 2014 are an average 4% decrease over the 2013 rates.
  2013   2014
  Single Family   Single Family
1. Empire BCBS PPO 75/50 plus HRA $9,432 21,447   9,084 20,607
2. Empire BCBS HDHP plus HSA 9,404 20,924   9,128 20,288
3. United Healthcare Choice 80 9,804 20,928   8,724 20,052
Dental Insurance 402 1,142   480 1,104


Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) 

The HRA is associated ONLY with the Empire BCBS 75/50 PPO Plan 

The diocesan HRA that is associated ONLY with the Empire BCBS 75/50 PPO plan. The HRA is administered by Kabel Business Services of West Des Moines. Employees enrolled in the Episcopal Empire BCBS 75/50 PPO plan are also automatically enrolled in the HRA. The HRA is an employer-funded account to help offset increased out-of-pocket medical costs to clergy and lay employees that are particpating in the Episcopal Empire BCBS 75/50 PPO plan. In order to receive reimbursement from through the HRA, employees must submit a claim form and a copy of their BCBS Explanation of Benefits to Kabel Business Services. 
HRA Description

HRA Reimbursement CLAIM FORM 


Dental Insurance

In 2014, the approved dental plan is the Cigna Basic Dental Plan through the Episcopal Church Medical Trust. The Cigna Basic Dental Plan offers improved coverage for employees. The cost for single coverage will be $40/month ($480/year) and family coverage is available for $92/month ($1,104/year). Also, orthodontia coverage is available for those wishing to "buy up". Employers will be billed by the Episcopal Church Medical Trust for the dental coverage for their employees.  

For questions or enrollment information please contact 
Anne Wagner at the Diocesan office.

Cafeteria/Flexible Spending Account (FSA) 

Participation in the Diocesan Cafeteria/Flex Plan (FSA) is available to ALL eligible clergy and lay employees in the Diocese of Iowa, unless they are enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA). An FSA is voluntary and allows an employee to set aside a portion of his or her earnings pre-tax to pay for qualified medical expenses. Money deducted from an employee's pay for an FSA is not subject to payroll taxes, resulting in a substantial payroll tax savings. The FSA can be used to pay for medical expenses not paid for by insurance; this usually means deductibles, co-payments. It may also be used to pay for dependent care.

This FSA is administered by Kabel Business Services of West Des Moines. Enrollment in this plan must take place prior to January 1 each year. New employees have 30-day grace period in which to enroll.

View/download FSA Reimbursement Claim Form

FSA Enrollment 

The Diocese of Iowa is pleased to make available
a Cafeteria/Flex Plan. This voluntary plan is available to ALL clergy and lay employees that work for the Episcopal Church in Iowa and receive compensation for 20 or more hours per week. There is a $9 per month administration fee per employee (the savings in employer payroll taxes may cover this cost for lay employees). Because the FSA is based on a calendar year, employees participating must submit a new enrollment form every year.

In order to participate: 
     ►Churches that have not participated before must complete 
        a set of Employer Agreement forms
     ►Clergy and Lay Employees must complete an Enrollment Form. 
     ►New Employees have a 30-day open enrollment period 
        from their date of hire!

We hope that you will consider offering this valuable benefit to your clergy and lay employees that receive compensation for 20 or more hours per week. Kabel Business Services has additional information on their website at www.kabelbiz.com. If you have questions, you may contact Anne Wagner or Robert Joy at the Diocesan Office at 515-277-6165 or diocese@iowaepiscopal.org, or contact Kabel Business Services at 800-300-9691. 

Employees may submit claims for reimbursement online at www.myflexonline.com or print a copy of the FSA Reimbursement Claim Form to complete and submit by fax or mail to Kabel Business Services at the address on the form. 


Additional Coverages Available


Group Term Life Insurance

Through the Church Pension Group, the Diocese of Iowa offers $40,000 in group term life insurnace available to employees compensated for 20 or more hours per week. The cost for this coverage is $19.60/month. Enrollment must take place within 30 days of new employment, or in periodic open enrollment periods offered by Church Pension Group. For more information, visit www.cpg.org or contact the diocesan office at 515-277-6165 or diocese@iowaepiscopal.org.

Disability Insurance 

Through the Church Pension Group, the Diocese of Iowa offers short-term disability insurance for lay employees, and long-term disability for both lay and clergy employees. 

Short-Term Disability Insurance
Short-term coverage replaces lost income for up to a year of disability, allowing parishes and other church organizations to hire temporary help while the cleric or lay employee recovers. (Active clergy are automatically enrolled in the Short-Term Disability plan as a pension benefit.)

Long-Term Disability Insurance
Long-term benefits pick up when the short-term plan expires. They continue until the employee is able to work again, reaches age 65, or longer in some cases.

Employers may provide this group benefit in full, or employees may purchase it on their own. For more information, visit www.cpg.org or contact the diocesan office at 515-277-6165 or diocese@iowaepiscopal.org.


Long-Term Care Insurance 

The Church Pension Fund (CPF) makes Group Long Term Care Insurance available for purchase. This insurance is issued by The Prudential Insurance Company of America and offered on a voluntary basis at the participant's sole expense. For more information visit, www.cpg.org.


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