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Joint Intercession List – 2014 

Dioceses of Iowa, Brechin, Nzara and Swaziland 

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Pray each day of the month for those listed in these pages so that we may
feel ourselves truly a part of the 85 million people on six continents who
call themselves Anglican (or Episcopalian), in more than 165 countries.. Please also pray for those listed in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer by visiting

      Anniversaries of Ordination to the Priesthood
1     Ronald Osborne
4     Benjamin Webb
6     Tim Vann
       Judith Dalmasso
7     Stephanie Green Tramel
8     Torey Lightcap
12   Diana Wright
       Mary Christopher
       Alice Haugen
15   Margaret “Peg” Jackson
17   Mary Cole Duvall
18   Maureen Doherty
19   Sharon Mahood
20   Richard Graves
       Barbara Schlachter
21   Robert Holzhammer
29   C. Michael Pumphrey
31   John Greve
       Jennifer Masada
       Jane Stewart
2     Robert A. Kem
5     Willa Goodfellow
17   Anne Scissons
20   Frederick Kramer
22   Vincent Bete
24   Jean McCarthy
17   James Davis
24   F. David Titus
27   James Norton
1     Georgia Humphrey
18   Elizabeth Coulter
22   Catherine Quehl-Engel
1     Robert W. Kem
4     Thomas Gehlsen
5     Patrick Genereux
8     Robert Elfvin
9     Lyle Brown
       Barbara Easley
9     James Kannenberg
10   William Pugliese
24   Barbara McCaulley
26   Marlin Whitmer
31   Charles Pope
10   Carl Mann
15   Aaron Hudson
16   Elizabeth Popplewell
       Jan “Raisin” Horn
       John Horn
17   Rene Martin
18   Robert Gamble
       Judith Jones
       Mary Jane Oakland
20   Netha Brada
21   Roger Rollins
23   Thomas Putnam
23   Terry Kleven
25   Curtis Moermond
1     J. Brian McVey
2     John Kilby
7     Sallie Verrette
21   Kathryn Halverson-Rigatuso
27   Glenn Rankin
29   A. “Paddy” Stanley
28   George Wharton
10   William Moorhead
24   S. Suzanne Peterson
25   Peter Sanderson
5     Linda Hughes
15   Peter Sickels
21   Larry Gatrel
22   Stacey Gerhart
23   Wayne Kamm
24   Donald Keeler
29   K. Calvin Hedelson
1     Kathleen Milligan
15   Melvin Low
20   B. Jean McKinney
23   Anne Williams
2     Martha Kester
       Sean Burke
3     Kristy Smith
       Charles Summers
7     Karen Wacome
8     Cathi Bencken
9     Artis Ferrel
       Melvin Schlachter
11   Wayne Pelkey
       Randall Lyle
12   Kathryn Campbell
13   W. Thomas Williams
       Kent Anderson
14   Douglas Haviland
       Julia Easley
15   Cathleen Bascom
       Martha Rogers
16   Richard Lintner
       Wendy Abrahamson
17   Thomas Hulme
       Alexander Aiton
18   John Hall
       Christine Gowdy-Jaehnig
       James Greisheimer
       Jeannette Pillsbury
19   Arthur Becker
       Margaret Weiner
       Lynne Carver
21   John Thorpe
27   Paul Fuessel

Anniversaries of Ordination to the Diaconate
7     Elizabeth Koffron-Eisen
8     Patricia Kirkland
10   E. “Muffy” Harmon
28   Sarah Lopez
8     Judith Crossett
21   Melody Rockwell
22   Diane Eddy
2     Stacey Gerhartt
9     Roy Chrisman
17   William Magie
7     George Rogerson
       Merle Smith, Jr.
       Kathleen Tripses
13   Margaret Harris
16   Lori Erickson
24   Patricia Johnson
25   Leon Pfotenhauer
9     Shelly Dowling
       Marilyn Wentzien
25   Patricia Triska
8     Ruth Ratliff
1     Kevin Emge
6     Bonnie Wilkerson
15   Mary Hoffman
16   John Harper
17   Dian Ong
6     Charles Lane
7     John Doherty
18   Liane Nichols
4     Susanne Watson Epting
6     Sue Ann Raymond
22   Martha Lang
2     Don Twentyman
3     Mark Eccles
7     Hannah Cornthwaite
       Karen Crawford
       Sherri Hughes-Empke
       Fred Steinbach
15   Jonathan Hansen
17   Patricia Roberts
19   Donald Payer

 Anniversaries of Diocesan Commissionings of
Ministry Development Teams

May 9
(Fort Madison, St. Luke) Lyle Brown, Barbara Easley, Shelly Dowling, James Kannenberg, Alyce Lair, Marilyn Wentzien
July 21 (Glenwood, St. John) Carl Ferrel, Eugene Glynn, Helen Glynn, Kathryn Halverson-Rigatuso, Karen McCallan, Mark Triplett
October 22 (Sioux City, Calvary) Irene Bolton, Becky Fredregill, Stacey Gerhart, Kelly Houts, Daniel Pecaut
December 18 (Decorah, Grace) Christine Gowdy-Jaehnig, James Greisheimer, Jeannette Pillsbury, David Smith

Anniversaries of 
Ordination and Consecration 
to the Episcopate

April 5
- Alan Scarfe
September 27 - C. Christopher Epting 


Pray every day for: 

The Anglican Communion;
Justin Welby, Archbishop-designate of Canterbury.
        The Episcopal Church in Scotland; 
   David Chillingworth, Primus. 
           The Diocese of Brechin;
                 Nigel Peyton, Bishop.

         The Episcopal Church in the USA; 
    Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop. 
            The Diocese of Iowa;
                  Alan Scarfe, Bishop.

         The Episcopal Church of Sudan; 
    Daniel Deng Bul Yak, Archbishop
            The Diocese of Nzara;
                  Samuel Peni, Bishop

          The Anglican Church of Southern Africa; 
    Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop. 
            The Diocese of Swaziland,
            Ellinah Wamukoya, Bishop.

(B) = Brechin; (I) = Iowa; (S) = Swaziland  


1     (B) St. Paul's Cathedral, Dundee: Provost: Jeremy Auld; Hugh Magee and other assisting Clergy; Pastoral Musician: Stuart Muir; Ark Nursery School Project; the Cathedral Chapter; Lay Reader: Elaine Hammersley

     (I) Trinity Cathedral, Davenport: John Horn, Judith Dalmasso; Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Des Moines: Cathleen Bascom,
Jean McKinney, John Doherty, Jonathan Hansen, Sharon Mahood

     (N) All Saints Cathedral, Nzara: Richard Aquilla, Charles Abdayo

     (S) All Saints Cathedral, Mbabane: Advent Dlamini, Reuben Matsebula, Malo Mthande, Percy Mngomezulu, David Gooday, Mcebo Sigudla; the Diocesan Peace and Justice Committee — chaplain: Bheki Magongo

2    (B) St. Mary the Virgin, Arbroath; St. Peter, Auchmithie: John Cuthbert;

     (I) The Standing Committee and Board of Directors of the Episcopal Corporation of the Diocese of Iowa; all commissions and task groups; and lay leaders of the diocese. Diocesan staff: Elizabeth Adams, Julianne Allaway, Ellen Bruckner, Lydia Bucklin, Lacey Howard, Bob Joy, Torey Lightcap, Anne Wagner

     (N) Diocesan Head Office: Morducai Evaresto, Samuel Yasona, Anna Apanto 

     (S) Motshane Parochial District: Bonginkosi Malaza

3     (B) St. Andrew, Brechin: David Mumford, Jane Nelson

     (I) St Peter, Bettendorf: Lynne Carver, Pat Kirkland; St Alban, Davenport: Brian McVey; St Mark, Maquoketa: Bob North

     (N) Rangu Parish: Keliona Mupoi, Andrew Keliopa

     (S) Mankayane Parish: Gregory Makhubu, Abraham Gama, Galbert Zwane; Clergy wives, children and wider families

4     (B) St. Margaret's Home, Dundee: ActingManager: Michelle Johnston, Administrator: Nicki McRae, Chaplain: Jeremy Auld

     (I) St Paul, Durant: Alice Haugen; Trinity, Muscatine: Cathi Bencken, Martha Lang; Church of the Saviour, Clermont: Kathryn Campbell, Sarah Lopez

     (N) S/Parish Naakiri: Elikana  Mandiri

     (S) Mothers Union: President: Carol Malima, Chaplain: Charles Kunene

5     (B) St. James, Stonehaven; St. Philip, Catterline: Margaret Jackson, Elizabeth Campbell, Lay Readers: Anne Geldart, Arma Iles.

     (I) Grace, Cedar Rapids: Curt Moermond; Christ Church, Cedar Rapids: Martha Rogers, Mark Eccles, Randall Lyle, Melody Rockwell

     (N) Sakure Parish: Elisama Roto, Yoere Isai

     (S) Zombodze Parochial District: David Zungu

6    (B) University Chaplaincies: Dundee University: Annalu Waller, Jeremy Auld; Abertay University: David Shepherd.

     (I) Christ, Clinton: Peter Sickels; Trinity, Ottumwa: Vincent Bete; All Saints, Indianola: Ron Osborne, Frederick “Fritz” Kramer

     (N) Nabubu Parish: Richard Peter

     (S) Sigangeni Parish: Bheki Magongo, Mandla Bhembe, Petros Dlamini, Sibongile Dlamini; Diocesan Office: Diocesan Secretary: Ian Stocks, Bishop’s Secretary: Beketele Thembe, Accounts Assistant: Gladys Shiba

7     (B) St. Salvador, Dundee: Clive Clapson, George Greig.

     (I) Christ Church, Burlington: Patricia Cashman, Wayne Kamm, George Rogerson; St Michael, Mount Pleasant: Mary Christopher; St Timothy, West Des Moines: Mary Cole-Duvall, Jeanie Smith, Milton Cole-Duvall

     (N) Nambazia Parish: Keliopa Elisa, Martin Yoere

     (S) Lomahasha Parish: Robert Nhlengetfwa, Elton Mahlalela, John Mahlalela; Men’s Guilds and men in parishes

8     (B) Mission & Ministry Board: Convenor: Francis Bridger; Action Group Convenors and members; Administration Board members and Convenor: Peter Sharp; Diocesan Buildings Committee members and Convenor: Francis Bridger

     (I) St Luke, Fort Madison: ministry development teams: Lyle Brown, Barbara Easley, James Kannenberg, Shelley Dowling, Marilyn Wentzien, Alyce Lair and Kelly Shields, Bonnie Wilkerson; St John, Keokuk: Larry Snyder

     (N) For peacemakers working for peace throughout Sudan, Samuel Peni and Regional Committee of Religious leaders

     (S) Community of the Holy Name; Department of Training: Director for training in the Diocese: Charles Kunene

9    (B) All Saints, Glencarse: Kirrilee Reid; NHS: Rev. Gillian Munro, Head of Department of Spiritual Care, Spiritual Care Forum; Chaplains and all other staff, Trust members and administrators

     (I) Grace, Albia & St Andrew, Chariton: Fred Steinbach; St James, Oskaloosa Terry Kleven

     (N) Yubu Parish: Alfred Francis, Elinama

     (S) Manzini Parish: Josiah Mahlalela, Sicelo Dlamini, Wandile Dlamini, Zephania Ngozo, Muzi Jele

10  (B) St. Laurence, Laurencekirk; St. John the Baptist, Drumlithie; St. Palladius, Drumtochty; St. Andrew, Fasque: Michael Turner.

     (I) Trinity, Iowa City and the University of Iowa Chaplaincy: Lauren Lyon, Ben Webb, Raisin Horn, Catherine Quehl-Engel, Judith Crossett, Lori Erickson

     (N) Yabongo Parish: Philemon Abdayo, Yona Tarifa

     (S) Big Bend Parochial District: Nicholas Cox

11  (B) St. Martin, Dundee: for discernment, Collaborative Ministry. Lay Readers: Jean Forbes, Robert Pemble, Iain Turnbull

     (I) St Andrew, Des Moines: for discernment, Georgia Humphrey; St Luke, Des Moines: Martha Kester; St Mark, Des Moines: Jean McCarthy

     (N) Gangara Parish: Rubena William,

     (S) Anglican Woman’s Fellowship: President: Maria Mbelu, Vice President: Winnie Stewart, Secretary: Dorothy Mlambo, Chaplain: Advent Dlamini

12  (B) St. Christopher, Royal Marine Base, Condor, Arbroath: Chaplain: Scott Shackelton

     (I) St Anne, Ankeny: Robert A. Kem, Kathy Tripses; St. Martin, Perry and Grace, Boone: Steve Godfrey

     (N) Mageda Parish: Daniel Sangbaagbia 

     (S) Lubombo Parish: Jonathan Sigudla, Justina Mkhabela; The Cathedral Chapter, Finance Committee and Diocesan Trust Board

13  (B) All Souls, Invergowrie: Ashley Cummins

     (I) St Paul, Grinnell and Grinnell College Chaplaincy: Wendy Abrahamson, Kevin Emge, Sallie Verrette; St Stephen, Newton: John Thorpe, Merle Smith

     (N) S/Parish Akorome: Daniel Samuel

     (S) St Michael’s Chapelry: Chaplain: Dalcy Dlamini; staff and pupils of St. Michael’s School: Head Teacher in the High School: Stanley Dlamini, Head Teacher in the Primary School: Khumbulani Dlamini; Widows of Clergy: Phindile Mashwama, Elizabeth Mcanyana, Eva Mkhabela, Constance T Ngwenya, Irene Skhosana and Bonsile Dube

14  (B) Holy Rood, Carnoustie: for discernment, Interim Rector: Bishop Nigel Peyton

     (I) Calvary, Sioux City: Ministry Development Team: Stacey Gerhart, Irene Bolton, Becky Fredregill, Kelly Houts, Daniel Pecaut; St Paul, Marshalltown: Mary Jane Oakland

     (N) Yabua II Parish: Emmanuel Francis, Michael Augusto

     (S) Anglican Youth Council: Programme Coordinator: Anthony Dlamini, Chaplain: Peter Zungu

15  (B) St. Mary and St. Peter, Montrose; St. David of Scotland, Inverbervie: for discernment, Interim Rector: John Cuthbert, Lay Reader: Peter Smart

     (I) St Paul, Council Bluffs: for discernment, Glenn Rankin; St George, LeMars: Lil Johnston

     (N) Dingapa Parish: Charles Makana
     (S) Mhlume/Tshaneni Parochial District: for discernment

16  (B) St. Ninian, Dundee: Fay Lamont; Mid-Lin Day Care: Gwen Juobert

     (I) St John by the Campus, Ames: Alexander Aiton, Donald Payer; Iowa State University Chaplaincy, Ames: Jim Tener; Navy Chaplain: Michael Pumphrey

     (N) Ringasi Parish: Daniel John, Ruben William

     (S) Layministers serving in parishes and congregations throughout Swaziland; Thokoza Anglican Conference Centre: Manager: Richard Shiba and staff

17  (B) St. Margaret, Lochee, Dundee: for discernment, Collaborative Ministry, Lay Readers: Jean Forbes, Robert Pemble, Iain Turnbull

     (I) St John, Glenwood: Ministry Development Team: Artis Ferrel, Kathy Halverson-Rigatuso, Bud Ferrel, Helen Glynn, Gene Glynn, Karen McCallan, Mark Triplett; St John, Shenandoah: Artis Ferrel; All Angels, Red Oak

     (N) Nambia Parish: Martin Zakayo
     (S) Luve Parish: for discernment


18  (B) St. Luke, Downfield, Dundee: for discernment, Priest Missioner Designate: Kerry Dixon, Lay Reader: Bruce Gowans; Prison Chaplains

     (I) Trinity Cluster: St Paul, Harlan; Trinity, Denison; & Trinity, Carroll: Diana Wright

     (N) Nakofo Parish: Alison Ezibon, Yosefate Rubena

     (S) Ezulwini Parish: Orma Mavimbela, Richard Shiba; Anglican Church Schools: staff & pupils

19  (B) For all who work with children and young people; Youth Action Convenor: Mairi Cuthbert

     (I) For the Theological Seminaries, their trustees, faculties and students: Kay Beach, Lydia Bucklin, Hannah Cornthwaite, Karen Crawford, Marcus Haack, Kris Leaman, Ken Messer, Holly Scherff, Judy Thayer, Kathy Travis, Mindy Valentine, Meg Wagner and for persons moved to seek the Sacred Ministry as their vocation

     (N) Nakpudu Parish: Charles Richard, Jackline Samuel

     (S) Zandondo Parochial District: Philemon Kunene; HIV/AIDS Office and its work: Supervisor: Philile Ndlela-Hlatshwayo, Thulie Ncongwane, Lungile Shongwe, Chaplain: Bheki Magongo,

20  (B) Holy Trinity, Monifieth: for discernment, Interim Rector: Bishop Nigel Peyton, Bill McAusland, Ken Gibson. Collaborative Ministry. Lay Readers: Bill McFawns, Linda Walls

     (I) St Paul Indian Mission, Sioux City: Meshack Mabuza; St Thomas, Sioux City: Torey Lightcap, Patricia Johnson

     (N) Central Arch-deaconary: Samuel Phillip

     (S) Pig’s Peak Parish: Charles Kunene, Joshua Fakudze

21  (B) St. Ternan, Muchalls: Margaret Jackson, Elizabeth Campbell, Collaborative Ministry

     (I) St Mark, Fort Dodge & Church of the Good Shepherd, Webster City: Richard Graves; All Saints, Storm Lake: Don Keeler

     (N) Rangu Arch-deaconary: Keliona Mupai

     (S) Liviyo Labofakazi: President: David Zungu

22  (B) St. Mary Magdalene, Dundee: David Shepherd

     (I) Trinity, Emmetsburg: Peg Jackson; St Thomas, Algona: Mark Holmer; St Alban, Spirit Lake: Carl Mann, Don Twentyman

     (N) Yabua Arch-deaconary: Joseph Karaba, Isaac Ephraima

     (S) Uniswa Chapelry: Dalcy Dlamini; The African Union and the United Nations and all working for reconciliation amongst peoples and nations

23  (B) St. Drostan Church and Lodge, Tarfside: David Mumford, Jane Nelson. Administrator: Peter Nelson. Scottish Workplace Chaplaincy:  Tayside and North Fife: Charles Lidstone; Arbroath: Peter Donald.

     (I) Grace, Decorah: Ministry Development Team: Christine Gowdy-Jaehnig, James Griesheimer, Jeannette Pillsbury, David Smith; St Andrew, Waverly: Judith Jones; St James, Independence: Sean Burke, Sue Ann Raymond

     (N) Sakure Arch-deaconary: Yoere Yisai

     (S) The Bible Society and for the availability of good theological and spiritual books

24  (B) St. John the Baptist, Dundee: for discernment. Collaborative Ministry, Lay Readers: Jean Forbes, Robert Pemble, Iain Turnbull; The Boomerang Project: Neil Ellis

     (I) New Song, Coralville: John Greve, Jennifer Masada, Jane Stewart; Church of the Savior, Orange City: Karen Wacome

     (N) Nakafo Deanary: Yosefate Minaye

     (S) Hlatikulu Parish: Joel Dlamini, Isaiah Dlamini; Victims of HIV/AIDS and all caring for them and their welfare.

25  (B) St. Mary, Broughty Ferry: Francis Bridger, Helen Bridger

     (I) St John, Mason City: for discernment, Michael Last,Barbara McCaulley, Michael Erhard; Grace, Charles City: James Griesheimer, Netha Brada; St Matthew-by-the-Bridge, Iowa Falls: Elliot Blackburn, Warren Frelund

     (N) Yabongo Deanary: Yona Tarifa

     (S) Usuthu Mission: Peter Zungu, Samuel Mkhabela, Samketi Dlamini, Amon Manzini, Jabulani Maseko, Thulani Makhubu Neighborhood Care Points: children and their caretakers, and Home Based Care: patients and their care takers.

26  (B) Other local Congregations and Ecumenism; Communications: Lorna Finley, Karen Willey; Grapevine: Michael Turner; Diocesan Website, IT, and Brechin Bulletin: Jacqueline Milton

     (I) St Luke, Cedar Falls: Elizabeth Popplewell, Liane Nichols, Ruth Ratliff; Cedar Valley Episcopal Campus Ministries, Cedar Falls: Maureen Doherty; Trinity, Waterloo: Suzanne Peterson, Charles Lane

     (N) Nambazia Deanary: Keliopa Elisa
     (S) Mhlosheni Parish: Masayithi Michael Dludlu

27  (B) Hospital Chaplaincy: Ninewells Hospital, Dundee: David Gordon, David Shepherd. Arbroath Infirmary:John Cuthbert; Ashludie Hospital, Dundee: Fay Lamont. Stracathro Hospital, Brechin: David Mumford. Kincardine Community Hospital: Margaret Jackson 

     (I) All members, associates, and companions of the various Religious Orders

     (N) Nangirimo Deanary: Ezibon Rute, Foebe Elisame

     (S) Nhlangano Parish: Mandla Dlamini; Retired clergy: Rt. Rev. Meshack Mabuza, Rt Rev Lawrence Zulu; Phendu Dlamini, John Watson Dobson, Enock Mahlalela, Benjamin Shongwe, Bhekubuhle Mbatha, Alex Makhandeanje, Donald Ndlovu

28  (B) Those in training for Ministry; Diocesan Director of Ordinands, Kirrilee Reid;Diocesan Ministry Co-ordinator and Warden of Lay Readers: John Cuthbert; Theological Institute of the SEC: Michael Fuller, Denise Brunton

     (I) For Coordinators and Faculty of EfM, E-Seminary, Summer Ministry School and Retreat and all Christian Formation; For Licensed Ministries: Pastoral Leaders, Worship Leaders, Preachers, Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic Visitors and Catechists

     (N) Gangara Deanary: John Samuel 

     (S) Bhunya Parish: Peter Zungu, Samel Mkhabela, Jabulani Maseko, Thulani Makhubu, Amon Manzini; The Swaziland Council of Churches

29  (B) Diocesan Officials: Chancellor: Joseph J. Morrow, Registrar: John Thom, Treasurer: Allan Duffus, Secretary: Ann Greybe, Protection of Vulnerable Groups Officer: vacant, Bishop's PA & Secretary: Jacqueline Milton; Diocesan Archivist: David Bertie

     (I) Diocesan Officers: Co-Chancellors: Thomas Carpenter and Linda Neuman, Treasurer: Bill Smith, Historiographer: Thomas Colbert, Secretary of Convention: Kathleen Milligan

     (N) College: Mark Peter, William Emanuel, Edward Daima

     (S) Hhohho Parochial District: Charles Kunene, Thandeka Zulu; The Certificate in Christian Studies Course, the Higher Certificate Course and those studying other courses; Other denominations and for unity

30  (B) Diocesan Mission Officer: Fay Lamont; Church in Society Action Group: Convenor: David Mumford, Deacon Missioner: Kerry Dixon 

     (I) St John, Dubuque: Kathleen Milligan, Kent Anderson, Diane Eddy; St Mark, Anamosa: Anne Williams; For all those working in Prison ministry 

     (N) Primary Health Care Center Staff, and the teachers and students of St. Timothy's School

     (S) Sunday Schools: Sunday School teachers and pupils, Chaplain: Wandile Dlamini; Evangelism and the work of the evangelism committee

31  (B) Retired Bishops: Neville Chamberlain, Bob Halliday, Ted Luscombe

     (I) Non-parochial clergy: James Davis, C. Christopher Epting, Tom Gehlsen, Peggy Harris, Aaron Hudson, Sherri Hughes-Empke,William Magie, Renny Martin, James Norton, Wayne Pelkey, Thomas Putnam, Kristy Smith, Stephanie Tramel, Paul Walker, Susanne Watson Epting, Randy Webster, Thomas Williams
Retired Priests:
Arthur Becker, Elizabeth Coulter, Julia Easley, Robert Elfvin, Paul Fuessel, Robert Gamble, Larry Gatrel, Pat Genereux, Willa Goodfellow, John Hall, Douglas Haviland, K. Calvin Hedelson, Robert Holzhammer, Linda Hughes, Thomas Hulme, Robert W. Kem Sr., John “Jack” Kilby, Richard Lintner, Melvin Low, William Moorhead, Charles Pope, William Pugliese, Roger Rollins, Peter Sanderson, Barbara Schlachter, Mel Schlachter, Antoinette Scissons, Arthur “Paddy” Stanley, Charles Summers, F. David Titus, Tim Vann, Margaret Weiner, George Wharton, Marlin Whitmer
Retired Deacons:
Fred Berger, Roy Chrisman, Carl Gilland, Muffy Harmon, John Harper, Mary Hoffman, Elizabeth Koffron-Eisen, Dian Ong, Leon Pfotenhauer, Patricia Roberts, Patricia Triska

     (N) Retired Rural Deans: Nathana Bagebenge, Joseph Karaba

     (S) Men and women exploring their calling to a vocation of ministry in the church; Self-supporting clergy; Worship teams in parishes



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