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Congregations in Iowa

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Albia – Grace Episcopal Church

Established 1868 - Monroe County - South Central Chapter
(Location) 205 S. 2nd Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 97, Albia 52531-0097

Algona – St Thomas Episcopal Church

Established 1878 - Kossuth County - Northwest Chapter
(Location) 213 E. Call Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 611, Algona 50511-0611
(Phone) 515-295-2113
(Office Phone) 515-295-9537
(Pastor-ELCA) The Rev. Mark Holmer

Ames – St. John's by the Campus

Established 1876 - Story County - Metro Chapter
2338 Lincoln Way, Ames 50014-7178
(Phone) 515-292-6655
(Fax) 515-292-1941
(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Alexander Aiton
(Deacon) The Rev. Donald Payer

Ames – Chaplaincy at Iowa State University

2338 Lincoln Way, Ames 50014-7178
(Phone) 515-292-6655
(Fax) 515-292-1941
(Web Site)
(Chaplain) Mr. James Tener

Anamosa – St Mark's Episcopal Church

Established 1859 - Jones County - South Cedar Valley Chapter
(Location) 107 W. 1st Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 33, Anamosa 52205-0033
(Phone) 319-462-2933
(Vicar) The Rev. Anne Williams

Ankeny – St Anne's by the Fields

Established 1978 - Polk County - Metro Chapter
2110 W. 1st Street, Ankeny 50023-2487
(Phone) 515-964-5152
(Fax) 515-964-5152
(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Robert A. Kem
(Deacon) The Rev. Kathleen Tripses

Bettendorf – St Peter's Episcopal Church

Established 1966 - Scott County - East Chapter
2400 Middle Road, Bettendorf 52722-3250
(Phone) 563-355-4640
(Fax) 563-355-4640
(Email) saintpetersbettendorf@gmail.com 

(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Lynne Carver 
(Deacon) The Rev. Patricia Kirkland

Boone – Grace Episcopal Church

Established 1872 - Boone County - Metro Chapter
707 - 8th Street, Boone 50036-2727
(Phone) 515-432-7586

Burlington – Christ Episcopal Church

Established 1838 - Des Moines County - Southeast Chapter
(Location) 623 N. 5th Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 608, Burlington 52601-0608
(Phone) 319-752-1381
(Fax) 319-752-7857
(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Patricia Cashman
(Priest Associate) The Rev. Wayne Kamm
(Deacon) The Rev. George Rogerson 

Carroll – Trinity Episcopal Church

Established 1884 - Carroll County - Southwest Chapter
(Location) 127 W. 9th Street
(Mail) 1700 Pike, Carroll 51401-1627
(Phone) 712-792-2836
(Supply Priest) The Rev. Diana Wright

Cedar Falls - Cedar Valley Episcopal Campus Ministry at the University of Northern Iowa

Wesley Campus Ministry, 2422 College St., Cedar Falls 50613
(Phone) 319-266-4071
(Email) studentinfo@threehouse.org 
(Web Site) http://threehouse.org/ 
(Chaplain) The Rev. Maureen Doherty

Cedar Falls – St Luke's Episcopal Church

Established 1856 - Black Hawk County - North Cedar Valley Chapter
2410 Melrose Drive, Cedar Falls 50613
(Phone) 319-277-8520
(Fax) 319-277-8521
(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Elizabeth Popplewell
(Deacon) The Rev. Liane Nichols
(Deacon) The Rev. Ruth Ratliff

Cedar Rapids – Christ Episcopal Church

Established 1997 - Linn County - South Cedar Valley Chapter
220 40th Street N.E., Cedar Rapids 52402-5616
(Phone) 319-363-2029
(Fax) 319-247-2615
(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Martha Rogers 
(Assisting Priest) The Rev. Randall Lyle
(Deacon) The Rev. Mark Eccles 
(Deacon) The Rev. Melody Rockwell

Cedar Rapids – Grace Episcopal Church

Established 1850 - Linn County - South Cedar Valley Chapter
525 A Avenue N.E., Cedar Rapids 52401-1015
(Phone) 319-362-1929
(Fax) 319-861-3184
(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Curtis Moermond

Chariton – St Andrew's Episcopal Church

Established 1857 - Lucas County - South Central Chapter
(Location) 1112 N. 7th Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 838, Chariton 50049-0838
(Phone) 641-774-4911
(Email) standrew1@iowatelecom.net
(Web Site) http://standrewsofchariton.blogspot.com/ 
(Deacon) The Rev. Frederick Steinbach

Charles City – Grace Episcopal Church

Established 1858 - Floyd County - North Cedar Valley Chapter
902 5th Avenue, Charles City 50616-3006
(Phone) 641-228-4519
(Supply Priest) The Rev. Netha Brada
(Supply Priest) The Rev. James 

Clermont – Church of the Saviour

Established 1867 - Fayette County - North Cedar Valley Chapter
(Location) 610 Mill Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 301, Clermont 52135-0301
(Phone) 563-423-5508
(Vicar) The Rev. Kathryn Campbell 
(Deacon) The Rev. Sarah Lopez

Clinton – Christ Episcopal Church

Established 2002 (Grace 1856; St. John's 1856) - Clinton County - East Chapter
(Location) 2100 N. 2nd Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 3052, Clinton 52732-3052
(Phone) 563-242-5740
(Priest-in-Charge) The Rev. Peter Sickels

Coralville – New Song Episcopal Church

Established 1994 - Johnson County - South Cedar Valley Chapter
912 20th Avenue, Coralville 52241
(Phone) 319-351-3577
(Fax) 319-351-3606
(Web Site)
(Priest) The Rev. John Greve
(Priest) The Rev. Jennifer Masada
(Priest) The Rev. Jane Stewart

Council Bluffs – St Paul's Episcopal Church

Established 1856 - Pottawattamie County - Southwest Chapter
22 Dillman Drive, Council Bluffs 51503-1692
(Phone) 712-323-7188
(Fax) 712-323-9613
(Email) office@stpaulscb.com 
(Web Site) www.stpaulscb.com
(Supply Priest) The Rev. Canon Glenn Rankin, Retired

Davenport – St Alban's Episcopal Church

Established 1959 - Scott County - East Chapter
3510 W. Central Park Ave, Davenport 52804-2753
(Phone) 563-386-4087
(Email) stalbans@stalbansdavenport.com
(Web Site) www.stalbansdav.com 
(Rector) The Rev. J. Brian McVey

Davenport – Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Established 1853 - Scott County - East Chapter
121 W. 12th Street, Davenport 52803-5227
(Phone) 563-323-9989
(Fax) 563-323-1217
(Web Site)
(Dean) The Very Rev. Dr. John Horn
(Assisting Priest) The Rev. Judith Dalmasso

Decorah – Grace Episcopal Church

Established 1859 - Winneshiek County - North Cedar Valley Chapter
(Location) 506 W Broadway
(Mail) P.O. Box 4, Decorah 52101-0004
(Phone) 563-382-0485
(Priest) The Rev. Christine Gowdy-Jaehnig 
(Priest) The Rev. James Griesheimer 
(Priest) The Rev. Jeannette Pillsbury

Denison – Trinity Episcopal Church

Established 1876 - Crawford County - Southwest Chapter
(Location) 14 S. 16th Street
(Church Phone) 712-263-3762
(Supply Priest) The Rev. Diana Wright

Des Moines – Cathedral Church of St. Paul

Established 1854 - Polk County - Metro Chapter
815 High Street, Des Moines 50309-2714
(Phone) 515-288-7297
(Fax) 515-288-1470
(Web Site) http://cathedralchurchofstpaul.org/  
(Dean) The Very Rev. Cathleen Bascom
(Priest Associate) The Rev. Sharon Mahood
(Priest Associate) The Rev. B. Jean McKinney, Retired
(Deacon & Minister of Finance) The Rev. John Doherty
(Deacon) The Rev. Jonathan Hansen
(Deacon) The Rev. Muffy Harmon, Retired

Des Moines – St Andrew's Episcopal Church

Established 1950 - Polk County - Metro Chapter
5720 Urbandale Avenue, Des Moines 50310-1295
(Phone) 515-255-2101
(Fax) 515-274-2583
(Email) stasecretary@ishsi.com
(Web Site)
(Interim Rector) The Rev. Georgia Humphrey

Des Moines – St Luke's Episcopal Church

Established 1905 - Polk County - Metro Chapter
3424 Forest Avenue, Des Moines 50311-2615
(Phone) 515-277-0875
(Fax) 515-277-0822
(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Martha Kester

Des Moines – St Mark's Episcopal Church

Established 1884 - Polk County - Metro Chapter
3120 E 24th Street, Des Moines 50317-3609
(Phone) 515-266-1304
(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Jean McCarthy 

Dubuque – St John's Episcopal Church

Established 1844 - Dubuque County - East Chapter
(Location) 1410 Main Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 874, Dubuque 52004-0874
(Phone) 563-556-0252
(Rector) The Rev. Kathleen Milligan
(Assisting Priest) The Rev. Kent Anderson
(Deacon) The Rev. Diane Eddy

Durant – St Paul's Episcopal Church

Established 1856 - Cedar County - East Chapter
(Location) 206 6th Avenue
(Mail) P.O. Box 865, Durant 52747-0865
(Phone) 563-785-6228
(Fax) 563-785-6228
(Web Site)
(Priest-in-Residence) The Rev. Alice Haugen

Emmetsburg – Trinity Episcopal Church

Established 1878 - Palo Alto County - Northwest Chapter
(Location) 2219 Main Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 332, Emmetsburg 50536-0332
(Phone) 712-852-3809
(Priest-in-Residence) The Rev. Margaret "Peg" Jackson

Fort Dodge – St Mark's Episcopal Church

Established 1855 - Webster County - Northwest Chapter
1007 - 1st Avenue S., Fort Dodge 50501-4801
(Phone) 515-576-2019
(Fax) 5l5-576-1951
(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Richard Graves

Fort Madison – St Luke's Episcopal Church

Established 1847 - Lee County - Southeast Chapter
605 Avenue E, Fort Madison 52627-4805
(Phone) 319-372-6409
(Fax) 319-372-9297
(Email) stlukefm@lisco.com 
(Priest) The Rev. Lyle Brown
(Priest) The Rev. Barbara Easley
(Priest) The Rev. James Kannenberg 
(Deacon) The Rev. Shelly Dowling 
(Deacon) The Rev. Marilyn Wentzien
(Deacon) The Rev. Bonnie Wilkerson

Glenwood – St John's Episcopal Church

Established 1882 - Mills County - Southwest Chapter
(Location) 111 N. Vine
(Mail) P.O. Box 109, Glenwood 51534-0101
(Phone) 712-527-2971
(Web Site) www.stjohnsglenwood.org
(Priest) The Rev. Kathryn Halverson-Rigatuso
(Priest) The Rev. Artis Ferrel, Retired

Grinnell – St Paul's Episcopal Church

Established 1873 - Poweshiek County - Central Chapter
(Location) 1026 State Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 365, Grinnell 50112-0365
(Phone) 641-236-6254
(Fax) 641-236-9714
(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Wendy Abrahamson 
(Priest Associate) The Rev. Sally Verrette, Retired
(Deacon) The Rev. Kevin Emge

Harlan – St Paul's Episcopal Church

Established 1896 - Shelby County - Southwest Chapter
(Location) 712 Farnam Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 526, Harlan 51537-0526
(Church Phone) 712-755-2793
(Supply Priest) The Rev. Diana Wright

Independence – St James' Episcopal Church

Established 1858 - Buchanan County - North Cedar Valley Chapter
(Location) 202 - 2nd Avenue N.E.
(Mail) P.O. Box 264, Independence 50644
(Phone) 319-334-4297
(Email) sjecii@gmail.com   
(Priest-in-Residence) The Rev. Sean Burke
(Deacon) The Rev. Sue Ann Raymond 

Indianola - All Saints' Episcopal Church 

Established - 2011 
(Location) 501 N. Jefferson (next to Subway)
(Mail) 4901 Westbrooke Pl., West Des Moines 50266
(Phone) 515-401-9296
(Email) Parson@indianolaepiscopal.org 
(Web Site) www.indianolaepiscopal.org
(Missionary Priest) The Rev. Canon Ronald Osborne, Retired 
(Priest Associate) The Rev. Canon Frederick "Fritz" Kramer. Retired

Iowa City – Trinity Episcopal Church 

Established 1853 - Johnson County - South Cedar Valley Chapter
320 E. College Street, Iowa City 52240-1628
(Phone) 319-337-3333
(Fax) 319-337-8816
(Web Site)
(Interim Rector) The Rev. Benjamin Webb
(Assisting Priest) The Rev. Jan "Raisin" Horn
(Priest Associate) The Rev. Catherine Quehl-Engel
(Priest Associate) The Rev. William Moorhead
(Priest Associate) The Rev. Canon Thomas Hulme
(Rector Emeritus) The Rev. Canon Robert Holzhammer
(Deacon) The Rev. Judith Crossett
(Deacon) The Rev. Lori Erickson
(Deacon) The Rev. Elizabeth Koffron-Eisen

Iowa City – Chaplaincy at University of Iowa

320 E. College Street, Iowa City 52240-1628
(Phone) 319-337-3333
(Fax) 319-337-8816
(Web Site)
(Chaplain and Assistant Rector) The Rev. Jan “Raisin” Horn 

Iowa Falls – St Matthew's-by-the-Bridge

Established 1886 - Hardin County - Northwest Chapter
(Location) 507 Railroad
(Mail) P.O. Box 206, Iowa Falls 50126
(Phone) 641-648-3309 
(Web Site) www.stmattbythebridge.org
(Priest-in-Residence) The Rev. Elliott Blackburn, Retired
(Deacon) The Rev. Warren Frelund, Retired

Keokuk – St. John's Episcopal Church

Established 1850 - Lee County - Southeast Chapter
208 N. 4th Street, Keokuk 52632-5602
(Phone) 319-524-4672
(Fax) 319-524-1116
(Web Site)
(Priest-in-Residence) The Rev. Larry Snyder, Retired

LeMars – St George's Episcopal Church

Established 1881 - Plymouth County - Sioux City Chapter
400 - 1st Avenue S.E., LeMars 51031-2045
(Phone) 712-546-6033
(Supply Pastor) The Rev. Lilette Johnston

Maquoketa – St Mark's Episcopal Church

Established 1875 - Jackson County - East Chapter
(Location) 208 W. Maple
(Mail) P.O. Box 665, Maquoketa 52060-0665
(Phone) 563-652-3175
(Email) ss1@mchsi.com  

Marshalltown – St Paul's Episcopal Church

Established 1868 - Marshall County - Central Chapter
201 E. Church Street, Marshalltown 50158-2944
(Phone) 641-753-6317
(Fax) 641-754-0094
(Website) http://www.stpaulsmarshalltown.org/
(Rector) The Rev. Mary Jane Oakland

Mason City – St John's Episcopal Church

Established 1873 - Cerro Gordo County - Northwest Chapter
120 -1st Street N.E., Mason City 50401-3302
(Phone) 641-424-1300
(Fax) 641-422-0208
(Web Site) http://stjohnsmasoncity.weebly.com/ 
(Interim Rector) The Rev. Michael Last, Retired
(Priest Associate) The Rev. Barbara McCaulley
(Rector Emeritus) The Rev. Elliott Blackburn
(Deacon) The Rev. Michael Erhard

Mount Pleasant – St Michael's Episcopal Church

Established 1855 - Henry County - Southeast Chapter
(Location) 202 E. Washington Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 624, Mount Pleasant 52641-0624
(Phone) 319-385-2633
(Web Site) www.saintmichaelsepiscopalchurch.org 
(Priest-in-Residence) The Rev. Mary Christopher
(Deacon) The Rev. Dian Ong, Retired

Muscatine – Trinity Episcopal Church

Established 1839 - Muscatine County - East Chapter
211 Walnut Street, Muscatine 52761-4130
(Phone) 563-263-2177
(Fax) 563-263-2177
(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Cathi Bencken
(Deacon) The Rev. Martha Lang

Newton – St Stephen's Episcopal Church

Established 1855 - Jasper County - Central Chapter
223 E. 4th Street N., Newton 50208
(Phone) 641-792-6971
(Web Site) http://ststephens-newton.org/ 
(Rector) The Rev. John Thorpe
(Deacon) The Rev. Merle Smith

Orange City – Church of the Savior

Established 2007 - Sioux County - Sioux City Chapter
(Location) 530 Arizona Avenue SW
(Mail) 415 - 3rd Street N.W., Orange City 51041-1313
(Phone) 712-737-3930
(Web Site)
(Vicar) The Rev. Karen Wacome

Oskaloosa – St James Episcopal Church

Established 1855 - Mahaska County - South Central Chapter
(Location) 207 S. 3rd Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 545, Oskaloosa 52577-0545
(Phone) 641-673-4218
(Email) stjamesosky@live.com 
(Web Site) www.stjamesoskaloosa.org 
(Rector) The Rev. Terence Kleven

Ottumwa – Trinity Episcopal Church

Established 1857 - Wapello County - South Central Chapter
204 E. 5th Street, Ottumwa 52501-2626
(Phone) 641-682-5624
(Vicar) The Rev. Vincent Bete

Perry – St Martin's Episcopal Church

Established 1956 - Dallas County - Metro Chapter
(Location) 10th & Iowa Streets
(Mail) P.O. Box 486, Perry 50220-0486
(Phone) 515-465-3468
(Email) stmartinsepiscopalchurch@yahoo.com 
(Blog) http://stmartinsvoice.blogspot.com/ 
(Facebook) http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/group.php?gid=74414506181&ref=ts
(Deacon) The Rev. Sheri Hughes-Empke

Red Oak – All Angels' Episcopal Church

Established 1978 - Montgomery County - Southwest Chapter
(Location) 907 - 5th Street, Red Oak
(Mail) 225 37th St., Des Moines, IA
(Rector) The Bishop

Shenandoah – St John's Episcopal Church

Established 1896 - Page County - Southwest Chapter
(Location) 401 Church Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 105, Shenandoah 51601-0105
(Phone) 712-246-4790
(Priest) The Rev. Artis Ferrel, Retired

Sioux City – Calvary Episcopal Church

Established 1890 - Woodbury County - Sioux City Chapter
1308 S Cleveland, Sioux City 51106-1993
(Phone) 712-276-3561
(Priest) The Rev. Stacey Gerhart
(Deacon) The Rev. Patricia Roberts, Retired

Sioux City – St Paul's Indian Mission

Established 1883 - Woodbury County - Sioux City Chapter
(Location) 524 Center Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 895, Sioux City 51102-0895
(Phone) 712-255-5162
(Fax) 712-277-4092
(Priest-in-Residence) The Rt. Rev. Meshack Mabuza

Sioux City – St Thomas' Episcopal Church

Established 1859 - Woodbury County - Sioux City Chapter
(Location) 1200 Douglas Street
(Mail) 406 - 12th Street, Sioux City 51105-1305
(Phone) 712-258-0141
(Fax) 712-258-8101
(Web Site) http://www.stthomassc.org/  

(Rector) The Rev. Torey Lightcap
(Deacon) The Rev. Patricia Johnson

Spirit Lake – St Alban's Episcopal Church

Established 1949 - Dickinson County - Northwest Chapter
(Location) 2011 - 23rd Street
(Mail) P.O. Box 85, Spirit Lake 51360-0085
(Phone) 712-336-1117
(Email) stalbanschurch@qwestoffice.net

(Web Site) www.stalbansepiscopalchurch.org
(Rector) The Rev. Carl Mann
(Deacon) The Rev. Donald Twentyman

Storm Lake – All Saints' Episcopal Church

Established 1954 - Buena Vista County - Northwest Chapter
121 W. Marina Road, Storm Lake 50588-7473
(Phone) 712-732-1314
(Email) allsaintssl@Yahoo.com
(Priest-in-Charge) The Rev. Donald Keeler

Waterloo – Trinity Episcopal Parish

Established 1971 - Black Hawk County - North Cedar Valley Chapter
4535 Kimball Avenue, Waterloo 50701-9087
(Phone) 319-232-4714
(Fax) 319-232-9085
(Email) trinityoffice@trinityepiscopalwaterloo.org
(Web Site) www.trinityepiscopalwaterloo.org

(Rector) The Rev. Canon Suzanne Peterson
(Deacon) The Rev. Charles Lane

Waverly – St Andrew's Episcopal Church

Established 1853 - Bremer County - North Cedar Valley Chapter
(Location) 717 W. Bremer Avenue
(Mail) P.O. Box 176, Waverly 50677
(Phone) 319-352-1489
(Priest-in-Residence) The Rev. Judith Jones

Webster City – Church of the Good Shepherd

Established 1953 - Hamilton County - Northwest Chapter
(Location) 1100 Mary Lane
(Office) 1007 First Avenue S.
(Mail) P.O. Box 108, Webster City 50501-4801
(Church Phone) 515-832-2707
(Office Phone) 515-576-2019
(Fax) 515-576-1951
(Web Site)
(Priest-in-Charge) The Rev. Richard Graves

West Des Moines – St Timothy's Episcopal Church

Established 1956 - Polk County - Metro Chapter
1020 - 24th Street, West Des Moines 50266-2107
(Phone) 515-225-2020
(Fax) 515-225-2083
(Web Site)
(Rector) The Rev. Mary Cole-Duvall
(Assisting Priest) The Rev. H. Milton Cole-Duvall
(Deacon) The Rev. Jeanie Smith

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