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Companion Dioceses

Three-way Companion Relationship

Diocese of Brechin, Scotland
Diocese of Swaziland, Southern Africa
Diocese of Iowa, U.S.

NEW Companion Relationship with the Diocese of Iowa - October 2012

Diocese of Nzara, Episcopal Church of Sudan 

Daily Prayers for Dioceses of Iowa, Brechin, Nzara and Swaziland 


Companion Relationship Reconfirmed

[February 2009] At the recent meeting of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, the following resolution was passed: Resolved, That the Executive Council meeting in Stockton, California from January 29-31, 2009 vote to recognize an extension of the Companion Diocese Relationship between the Diocese of Iowa, the Diocese of Brechin in the Scottish Episcopal Church, and the Diocese of Swaziland in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa until terminated by mutual consent.

A Brief History of the Companionship

The three-way companionship among Iowa, Swaziland and Brechin, Scotland, became official in 1990, but the relationships reaches back much further. Our link with Brechin was made official in 1982, and the late Bernard L. Mkhabela, Bishop of Swaziland, and Bishop Walter Righter explored of a three-way companionship in 1988. The idea was endorsed by the Diocesan convention that year, with national recognition coming two years later. Bishop C. Christopher Epting traveled to Swaziland and Brechin shortly after his investiture, and he worked to expand the relationships under his watch.

The heart of diocesan companionship is joining together in mission. To this end Iowans and their companions in Swaziland and Scotland pray for one another daily through the Joint Intercession List

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