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Companion Relationship with the Diocese of Brechin
Email address: office@brechin.anglican.org
Web site:

The Diocese of Brechin is in the North East of Scotland, and part of the Scottish Episcopal Church. It is the smallest of the seven Dioceses and stretches in a rough backwards `L' shape from Muchalls in the North East down to Dundee in the South, and across to Glencarse in the South West. The Cathedral and Administrative Centre are in Dundee.

Founded in 1153 Brechin is one of seven geographical dioceses covering Scotland and part of the Anglican Communion worldwide. 

Nigel Peyton was consecrated as the 55th Bishop of Brechin October 8, 2011. 

Grapevine, the Magazine of the Diocese of Brechin

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Special Edition Cascade Conversation on Sam Sex Relationships in the Scottish Episcopal Church
Spring 2014
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Autumn 2013
Spring 2013 - The 100th Edition!
Winter 2012 - Bishop Peyton reflects on his recent visit to Iowa
Fall 2012
Spring 2012
Winter 2011

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